Wild Graduation Shoe Fashion

Graduation season is upon us. I for one am super stoked; since I will be receiving my bachelor’s degree in exactly twelve days! While many of us future graduates should be concerned about finals…..we have more important things to worry about! Like what type of shoes we are going to wear on our big day! Our gowns will completely cover our dresses, so how else will we stand out from the sea of graduates? Also let’s face it, graduation ceremonies tend to be a bit of a drag. But I tend to keep myself entertained by looking at the graduates “interesting” choice of footwear. Let’s explore some potential  graduation shoe options shall we?



These shoes were actually worn at a graduation ceremony in London. Ummm, I am truly at lost for words. This is just wrong on so many levels.


I don’t understand the concept of these shoes at all. They look extremely dangerous! Plus, why on earth would someone want to walk like a toddler who has a full diaper on?


Is this really necessary? I mean what’s the point of these shoes? They aren’t even remotely attractive. I can only imagine myself wearing these on opposite day.


Yeah I prefer to have fish on my plate and not on my feet. Yikes! Nooo thank you!


Ouch these are extremely painful to look at. Can you imagine wearing these throughout the entirety of your graduation ceremony?

I don’t know about all of you, but I think I’m leaning towards purchasing simple, classy and comfortable shoes for graduation. For those of you with the same objective, here are some examples for inspiration:


Jimmy Choo Victoria Pump

MANOLO BLAHNIK HEELS @SHOP-HERSValentino Jewelery Couture Bow d'Orsay PumpPink Louboutins

new simple pump 100mm nude patent leather.  $775

What do you think of some of my selections? Let me know in the comment section below…AND REMEMBER ALWAYS DARE TO BE CHIC ❤

P.S. Congrats to those who are graduating this May!! We did it!




One thought on “Wild Graduation Shoe Fashion

  1. Hi Dare to Be Chic,
    It’s Nancy Vuu. Thank you for your kind review on our brand. I showed at last two season’s LA Fashion Week. I will be attending again this March. Would love to have you as our guest. Please email us if you’re interested. info@nancyvuu.com

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