Fall 2013 Color Tends!

Fall is simply a strikingly beautiful season. Thanks to the arrival of fall, we can finally take nice strolls around the park, admire the brightly colored trees and dance with the falling vibrant colorful leaves. Fashion designers take full advantage of this colorful season, and use nature as their inspiration. What I look forward to each season, is finding out what the color trends are. Currently my favorite color trends for this season are burgundy, mustard yellow and moss green. These colors simply exude fall. What better way to embrace the fall, than to incorporate some of these rich and warm colors into your wardrobe. These colors are all over the runway and are available in everything from lipsticks to shoes.

Burgundy is available in all types of hues. Such as maroon, wine, oxblood etc. You’re bound to make a bold statement in this color. I have personally, been obsessed with this color for years. I am so glad burgundy is finally getting all of the attention it so rightfully deserves. If you’re unsure about how to rock this color, or if you don’t know where to begin, your quest for the ultimate burgundy find, have no fear…because below are some of my favorite items:

Favorite looks from the Runway: Ellie Saab Fall 2013

Burgundy Dress 2burgundy 3Burgudy Dress 1

Lipstick: Mac Desire Lipstick – Blouse: Theory- Tote: Marc Jacobs

burgandy lipsticburgandy blouse thheoryburgandu tote

Bottoms: Sold Design Lab Leather Pants (SDL)

Sold Design Lab Leather Pants

Here’s me enjoying the lovely fall weather in my favorite burgundy dress!

  IMG_4101 dilz3_wm(1) IMG_4156 dilz_wm(1)

Mustard yellow is such a loud and daring color. Some are afraid to wear this shade of yellow, because if worn incorrectly or in excess (a “matchy-matchy ”outfit) you could end up looking like a walking bottle of mustard(let’s be real). But it’s time for people to muster (pun intended) up the courage to wear this shade of yellow. You’ll look absolutely ravishing, if you wear this color correctly.

Favorite looks from the Runway: Ellie Saab Fall 2013

Mustard dress 2Mustard Dress  1mustard dress 3

Bag: Kenneth Cole- Nail Polish: China Glaze Golden Opportunity- Shoes: Tory Burch Rain Booties- Coat: Goodnight Macaroon

Mustard yellow bag kenneth colechina glaze mustard yellow golden oppurtunity

tory burch rain booties yellogood ight macaroon pea coat

I’m a loyal fan of emerald green. However, moss green is surely a fascinating color. This color is like an offspring of dark green and gray. Moss green is definitely a statement color, yet it is a little subdued as well. Thus, you can achieve a trendy yet conservative look with this color.

Favorite looks from the Runway: Phillip Lim Fall 2013

phillip-lim 2Phillip Lim RTW Fall 2013phillip Lim Fall 2013

Shoes: Cole Haan Boots-Jeans: 7 for all mankind- Coat: Burrberry-

Cole Han Green Boots

7 for all mankind Double Zip Sueded Skinny jeansBurrberry coat green

Nail Polish: Revlon Spanish Moss- Clutch: Tory Burch- Heels: Vince Camatto

Revelon Spanish Moss nail polish

Vince Camatto Heelstory burch clutch green

Although these items may not be “ budget-friendly”, a girl can dream can’t she? Also, I know these colors can seem intimidating because they are so bold. But be a little daring. If you are a bit iffy about wearing these colors, you can ease your way into embracing the fall color trends, by wearing lipstick or nail polish in these shades.

What are some of favorite items from above? Let me know in the comments below….and remember, ALWAYS DARE TO BE CHIC!! ❤


4 thoughts on “Fall 2013 Color Tends!

  1. One of my favorite things about fall is the new fashion that comes out and I absolutely love coats, boots, and scarves. I also really liked the burgundy collection you posted and would love to try the lipstick you shared with us. I’m not very into lipstick because I’m always afraid it’ll get on my teeth and I’d be talking with lipstick smudges everywhere. I also wanted to say that I really have always admired your style and am so glad you chose to share your insight on this blog. Here’s a question: if you could only choose one store to shop at for the rest of your life and money was no option, which store would you pick? Just curious 🙂

  2. Aww thank you for the kind comments Alanna! I think the lipstick would look lovely on you because of your fair complexion. Actually, what I normally do is (and I know this might sound weird but it works!) after applying the lipstick, place your thumb in your mouth. Make sure you pucker your lips, and pull your thumb out abruptly. You’ll notice that the excess lipstick, will be on your thumb. I also like to rub vaseline on my teeth because it makes it harder for the lipstick to stick… I would shop at Saks Fifth Avenue, because they carry almost every designer brand I can think of!! Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

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