Dare to wear your summer outfits in the fall!!

It seems as though we experience a series of heartaches when summer ends. First and foremost, we have to ditch the beach for school. Thus no more sun-kissed tans, long walks on the beach, barbeques, and getting into shenanigans at the pier.  Not to mention, we also have to store away our newly bought, and ultra-cute, summer wardrobe. But who says we have to retire our favorite shorts, miniskirts, and crop tops? Even though the summer has ended, we can still incorporate some of our summer pieces into our fall wardrobe.

The key to creating a perfect fall ensemble: Layering!

Thanks to the arrival of fall, we can officially say sayonara to warm-weather and hello to plummeting temperatures. There are several must-have accessories and pieces we need to own, in order to transform our light and flirty summer outfits into cozy and chic fall outfits. Let’s take a look at the head to toe pieces you will need to both successfully wear your summer outfits in the fall and survive this cooler weather.

1.       Hats:

Wool floppy hats are a must-have this fall! I simply adore these hats because they allow you to easily add a touch of sophistication to your outfits.  Floppy hats are not just stylish, they serve several other functions as well. Floppy hats keep you warm and protect your hair from harsh and windy weather.

wool hat- BlackFloppy hat burgandy polyvore bing target.comfloppy hat bingFloppy hat-google

2.       Scarves:

Scarves are the ultimate fall accessory. They are, of course, supposed to keep you warm but they do more than that! Whether they are single-colored, multi-colored or have prints, scarves can give your outfit the right amount of pizzazz and dose of color! They can completely transform a plain and simple outfit into an amazing one.

Capture 1Capture

Capture 3Scarf- charlotte ruse 2

3.       Sweaters:

If you’re going to wear your summer essentials (tank tops, crop tops, light silk blouses, short-sleeved shirts) in the fall, you will definitely need knitted-long sleeved cardigans to combat the cold and breezy weather. Cardigans are vital for layering and luckily they are available in a variety of colors and styles.

cardigan-sweaterSweater bingBig cardigan

4.       Tights/Thigh High Socks:

Leg wear is a must have if you plan on wearing your shorts, mini-skirts and summer dresses this season. Tights and thigh high socks are probably the most important accessories to own this fall. You can virtually wear any of your favorite summer pieces in the fall if you have one of these two items. Tights/thigh high socks serve to properly cover up your stems and to give you extra added warmth. Additionally, they will allow you to channel your inner school girl. These items can instantly add a dash of cuteness to any outfit.

Tights and over the knee socks charlotte ruse

Now that we’ve established what pieces and accessories we need this fall, let’s take a look at how we can combine these items with our favorite summer pieces.

Summer to Fall Look Book:

Look One: Tank top and scarf combo.

Here’s me in my favorite lazy day summer outfit. Pair this outfit with an over-sized cardigan and you’re ready to tackle any nature-related obstacles that fall blows your way.

Photo 4_wm (1)

Look Two: Cardigans, shorts and leg wear. 

capture 6Thigh-high-stockings glam bistro 

shorts knee high socks crop topsCozy Sweater, tights and shorts

Look Three: Summer dresses & skirts both with and without leg wear. 

Capture 5 Cozy sweater, lace dress 

Flannel Shirt with dress and over the knee socksskirt and stockings

Look Four: Floppy hats.

floppy hat and dress chictopia28656_3floppy hat 1

Yay or Nay to some of these looks? What are some of your favorite fall pieces/accessories? Express your thoughts in the comment section below and remember… always dare to be chic!


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